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Workforce Development

Companies base expansion and relocation decisions on the availability of talent in a city or region. Without robust talent pipelines, the Greater Phoenix region risks losing companies and high-wage jobs. Serving as a catalyst for partnership, the Foundation convenes six employer-led workforce collaboratives to address the growing skills gap facing our community: Advanced Manufacturing, ConstructionCybersecurityFinancial ServicesHealth Care, and Information Technology (IT).  Each collaborative focuses on engaging key stakeholders to champion holistic and scalable workforce solutions for the Greater Phoenix region.  The Foundation subscribes to the employer-driven U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Talent Pipeline Management™ (TPM) model, which uses supply chain principles to align educational outcomes with employer talent demands.

Top 3 Goals for Hiring Managers in 2020*

*Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Our workforce collaboratives accomplish their goals by:

  1. Aligning educational training to necessary job skills
  2. Providing work-based learning including apprenticeships and internships to prepare talent for open positions
  3. Promoting career awareness and opportunities for underrepresented populations in each respective industry

Workforce Collaboratives

Advanced Manufacturing



Financial Services

Health Care

Information Technology (IT)

State of the Workforce

In 2019, the Foundation released the first State of the Workforce report, describing key challenges, successes, and opportunities in workforce relative to specific industries in the Greater Phoenix region.  View the 2020 report to dive deeper into the most current critical industry challenges and solutions to improving the talent pipeline.

Reimagining Today’s Workforce Series

Join the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation for the new Reimagining Today’s Workforce Webinar Series. In an ever-changing workforce landscape, this series will connect employers and community leaders with tools and best practices to support their talent development strategies, provide current workforce trends, highlight partnerships with education providers, and more.

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