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Information Technology (IT)

Arizona is an emerging tech market, home to 9,563 technology companies, 198,821 tech jobs, and $21.75 billion in total tech industry wages*. However, since the Great Recession, the average number of new computer occupations jobs per year is larger than the combined total of graduates from information technology programs across every institution in the region**.

In October of 2020, the Foundation launched the IT Workforce Collaborative, which aims to strengthen the tech talent pipeline to ensure Arizona will meet the fast-growing demand for IT-related occupations. The Collaborative includes a diverse group of employers, industry professionals, educators, and training partners with the shared mission to sustain the growth of the IT industry across the state.

The IT Collaborative is focused on three priorities:

1. Recruit diverse candidates to create a strong talent pipeline

2. Build inclusive programs to retain talent

3. Champion a hybrid approach to prepare new IT talent, with an emphasis on classroom learning, practical experience, and soft skills development

Contact our Workforce team with questions or to get involved in the IT Workforce Collaborative!

Shea Padilla | Workforce Development Manager |