WorkWell provides a way for companies to share best practices and recognizes those companies that are leading the way! From small companies to large, WorkWell is an inventive way to learn from others and generate ideas about the variety of ways to offer wellness programs, ranging from incentives for healthy living to gyms and fitness programs at the workplace.


Send a representative from your company (at no cost) who is involved in human resources, employee retention, attraction or health & wellness to at least three of the four quarterly forums each year. Anyone interested in promoting wellness within their organization is welcome!


Date: March, 2021

Time: TBD

Location: Virtual Zoom Video Conference

WorkWELL: Prioritizing Wellness in 2021

Learn tips and best practices to start the new year by defining your financial and nutritional wellness goals with Vanguard and Cigna to help you plan for a healthy 2021!

WorkWell Nutritional Strategies

The Financial Wellness Difference

PlayWELL Workshop: Implementing Self Care in Your 2021 Wellness Program

This year has illustrated the importance of taking preventive health measures daily. The last quarter of the year can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted if you don’t prioritize yourself. Join us for this PlayWell Workshop where we will practice yoga together and share why self-care is essential, providing a step-by-step guide on how to implement effective self-care in your 2021 wellness program.

Drew Saenz, Program Director and Workday Performance Coach at Team UpAZ will lead an engaging conversation about self-care now and as everyone prepares for 2021! Come ready to move, stretch, and learn how to practice self-care through yoga!

WorkWELL Webinar en Espanol: Salud Integral y el Éxito Empresarial

La salud integral y el bienestar en el lugar de trabajo es tan importante como en nuestros hogares y familias. De acuerdo con, menciona que iniciativas en lugar de trabajo que apoyan la salud integral para sus empleados resulta en empleados más saludables, costos reducidos de seguro médico, y empleados más productivos.

Los invitamos a unirse a nuestro foro virtual con expertos en el campo de la salud integral y con empleadores que han implementado los principios de salud y bien estar en su negocio. Tendremos una conversación acerca de cómo se puede poner como prioridad la salud integral en su negocio y los beneficios para los empleados y los empleadores.

Estudios demuestran que los programas de salud y bien estar en el trabajo pueden reducir la ausencia por enfermedad, plan de salud, indemnización por accidente laboral y seguro por incapacidad hasta aproximadamente 25%.

WorkWELL Webinar: The Impact of Building Design on Human Health and Wellbeing

Office environments and building designs are valuable assets to any workplace for the health and wellbeing of its employees. A study titled, Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace reported that work environments with natural features reported a 15% increase in overall wellbeing, a 6% increase in productivity, and a 15% increase in work creativity.

Watch this virtual WorkWELL webinar as expert Dr. Whitney Gray of the WELL Building Institute leads attendees in a conversation about the impact of building design on employee health and wellbeing. Dr. Gray also introduces the WELL-Building Standard—discussing seven concepts for healthier buildings.

Whether your workspace is at home, a worksite, or an office, your health and wellness are impacted by your environment. Changing your workspace design  can improve your wellbeing and productivity, and can be achieved regardless of budget. This WorkWell webinar provides tips to create an environment focused on health and wellbeing.

WorkWell: Mental Wellness as We Transition Back to the Workplace

According to Wellable’s 2020 Industry Trends report, not only are 80% of employers investing more money into mental health in 2020, these programs are becoming more popular amongst employees compared to any other wellness topics.

Everyday mental health can be a tricky topic within the workplace, and it’s even more challenging to discuss during a pandemic. As employers and employees prepare to transition back to their physical offices, Wellness AtoZ is providing your business with the tools you need to successfully transition back to work while being mindful of employee mental health.

Our expert, Maya Nahra, Founder of Nuuaria—registered dietitian and diplomate of the American Institute of Stress—shared relevant data points about mental health, and connected those numbers to your workplace. During this forum, attendees learned the real source of stress, anxiety, worry, frustration, and depression. This webinar reviewed popular everyday mental health programs, plus discussed the crucial components your wellness program needs to ensure success.

WorkWell: Welcoming Employees Back to the Workplace

Torrie Michaud of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) shared the company’s return-to-work strategy and presented the steps they are taking for an eventual return-to-office environment. Attendees can expect to gain insights on how BCBSAZ is communicating to employees, preparing their facilities, and making changes to their workspace.


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