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PlayWELL Workshop: Ergonomics in Your Workspace

Do you ever experience body aches or pains such as back soreness, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, tension headaches, or fatigue after a long day of work? In a recent article, Occupational Therapist, Julie Cole shares that simple routine tasks such as looking at a computer all day, holding your phone, poor posture, and even carrying groceries can cause these pains. However, proper ergonomic techniques can help improve or prevent these pains.

Join us for an engaging workshop with corporate fitness and ergonomics specialist Drew Saenz, from Team Up AZ, who will educate and coach attendees through postures and movements to improve their physical wellbeing and help prevent soreness and fatigue. The workshop will focus on improving posture and provide tips on reducing the effects of prolonged sitting during the workday.

You will also walk away with a clear picture of how often you need to stand throughout the day and the movements that help prevent head, neck, and lower back pain.

Ergonomics in Your Workspace

Workday Stretches