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The four Wellness AtoZ principles are designed to promote employee wellness efforts in Arizona.

PrintEATWELL Provide healthy food choices to your employees. Adopt a standardized food labeling system in your vending machines and cafeteria.

PlayWellPLAYWELL Compete with other companies in the Wellness Wonders of Arizona activity challenge.

LiveWellLIVEWELL Send monthly communications to your employees promoting health and fitness.

WorkWellWORKWELL Share best practices with other Wellness AtoZ partners.

Woman professional running shoes (wellness atoz) 400BECOME A WELLNESS AtoZ EMPLOYER
Platinum employer: Adopt all aspects of the initiative and become a Wellness AtoZ champion

Gold employer: Adopt three or more of the Wellness AtoZ principles and promote the program

Silver employer: Adopt two or more of the Wellness AtoZ principles

Commit by June 30 and become a Founding Employer!

Contact for more information or to become a Wellness AtoZ employer.