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2022 Spring Virtual Technology Externship

Our 2022 Spring Virtual Technology Externship was a paid, structured two-week program. Arizona employers each hosted a session to teach a cohort of externs industry knowledge on technology topics, required skills, and career pathways. Individuals with diverse educational and workforce backgrounds including high school, community college, and university students, military, military spouses, reentering mothers, and career changers gathered online to participate in the externship.

We are excited to share that several externs have secured internships and jobs with participating employers!

Goals Achieved

  • Expose the workforce to Arizona’s technology ecosystem, career pathways, and required skills
  • Foster meaningful relationships between talent and multiple employers
  • Develop skills through team research projects, mentorship, mock interviewers, and resume/LinkedIn workshops

Our externship program is closed until September 19, 2022, but in the meantime, you can use the following free resources to learn about technology!

Keynote: J.R. Sloan, Chief Information Officer, State of Arizona

Technology in Health Insurance

Technology in Automotive

How Databases Impact Development

Day in a Life of Developer

Writing Software for a Living


Technology in Insurance

Business Systems Analysis



Advancements in IoT/Smart Cities at ASU

Transforming the Patient Experience with Intelligent Chat

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Future of Technology in Sports

Building a Diverse and Inclusive Technology Talent Pipeline
(2022 Technology and Cybersecurity Externs)


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16 – 25
26 – 41
42 – 57
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Family member to a veteran
Transitioning Servicemember



Racial and Ethnic Background

Hispanic or Latino
Black or African-American
American Indian or Alaska Native
Two or more
Prefer not to respond

Highest Degree or Level of Education

Bachelor’s degree
Some College/University
High school degree
Some high school
Master’s Degree
Associate’s Degree
Ph.D. or higher


No, I do not have a disability
Yes, I have an invisible disability
Prefer not to respond
Yes, I have a physical disability


Digital Air Strike

“Digital Air Strike loves helping out in the community, especially when our team can mentor and provide information for our next generation of tech experts to be successful in the future. For the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s 2022 Virtual Technology Externship program, our Senior Director of Engineering Dan Aston shared how he started in the tech field by building computers, learning Cisco, and earning a Computer Information Science degree. Digital Air Strike has several open technology positions, and we hope one of the externs ultimately becomes part of our team.” Jason Barrie, COO, Digital Air Strike

Arizona Coyotes

“The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s Technology Externship program provides interested information technologists, job hunters, and career changers a behind the scenes look into the daily lives of information technology professionals across multiple industries. It is important to continue fostering, training, and discovering talent for various job functions in the ever-evolving IT landscape.” Michael Cross Jr., VP of Information Technology, Arizona Coyotes


“The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation Technology Externship supports budding professionals who want to begin their career in information technology. The interactions created by the externship allows individuals entering the workforce to learn from experienced IT professionals. Externs gain a real-world perspective of what to expect in the IT field, and they have the opportunity to upskill their presentation and job application skills.” – Erik Pederson, Business Systems Analyst, Zovio


“The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s Technology Externship was a wonderful experience and exceeded my expectations! This incredibly eye-opening opportunity to engage with tech professionals at the highest levels expanded my awareness of the field and the countless opportunities it offers. The speakers were genuinely approachable and helpful. They clearly have an interest in the externs’ success. I’m much more confident speaking to technology professionals because I’ve learned so many of the nuances and impacts of technology in modern life. I have much more clarity on what areas I want to pursue. I also gained valuable insight into finding jobs that match my interests. Do not miss this chance to meet opportunity head-on! Thank you to the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation and especially Ngan Pham for organizing a stellar externship.” – Paloma Greenwald, 2022 Spring Technology Extern

“As someone working fulltime and a current reservist in the Navy, finding flexible and streamlined technology training is rare and hard to come by! During this externship, I learned how to leverage all my experiences, even though I lacked technical skills. Ngan’s professionalism and her eagerness to coach a diverse crew is beyond impressive! From age and experience to background and upbringing, she did an incredible job bringing in different speakers, coaches, and mentors to lead (and cheerlead us!) to the finish line. On top of that, there are resume workshops, mock interviews, and research projects that helped strengthen our skills. I recommend this program to anyone in Arizona who wants to understand technology and how they can jump in!” – Luke Amargo, 2022 Spring Technology Extern

“Going through this program not only helped me learn about technology, but it has opened my eyes to the many different career paths in this field.” – Lia Gallo, 2022 Spring Technology Extern

“Prior to the externship, life after high school seemed terrifying with infinite paths, options, and careers. This externship helped me realize a clearer future for myself and defined my next steps. The speakers were inspiring, and their advice was immeasurably valuable!”– Michelle Hein, 2022 Spring Technology Extern

“The 2022 Technology Externship was a wonderfully rewarding experience. It has given me invaluable relevant insight into the tech industry, fascinating career paths, and potential employers. It has helped me make critical school and career pivot decisions that I had been wrestling with. I am grateful to have been chosen to be an extern. I highly recommend that you apply and go through the program. You’ll be very happy that you did.”-Diane Weightman, 2022 Spring Technology Extern

Celebrating our externship family at our first in-person networking event at Rocket Mortgage!

Thank you, employers!


Thank you, guest speakers!

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