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Build Your Future Arizona: Leveling the career awareness playing field

There will be more than 155,000 vacant construction positions in our state by September 2022. This struggle to find qualified employees has significant economic consequences for not only construction firms, but your customers and vendors as well. Talent gaps delay construction projects, meaning slower economic growth for Arizona. That’s why the Foundation and its industry partners – residential and commercial construction, contractors and subcontractors, wholesalers and manufacturers, home builders and heavy civil – launched a multi-faceted, multi-million dollar, multi-year career awareness campaign to promote the craft professions.

BYF Arizona includes the following elements:

  • Website
  • Digital and social media
  • Billboards and jobsite banners
  • Videos
  • Strategic events
  • Newsletter highlighting careers and training
  • Strategic outreach to education and training providers
    • Counselor and teacher toolkits
  • Partnerships with a dozen of the leading industry associations such as ABA, ASA, and CFMA that will amplify BYF Arizona’s message and increase its impact

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