Wellness AtoZ Day

Wellness AtoZ Day,  recognized by the State of Arizona and Governor Doug Ducey, is a day to acknowledge the positive health and wellness opportunities that Arizona has to offer. On this day we celebrate physical activity and healthy lifestyles. We encourage everyone to get their hearts pumping by exploring the breathtaking beauty of Arizona’s desert.

Wellness AtoZ Day celebrates the anniversary of the Wellness AtoZ initiative launched in 2017. It also signifies completion of the spring activity challenge, the Wellness Wonders of Arizona.

Join us for the annual Wellness AtoZ Day celebration each year on the third Sunday in May!

Stay tuned for details on Wellness AtoZ Day 2020!

We encourage you to hike a mountain, bike along the canal, play a sport, go for a swim or simply be one with nature. Share your activity with us on social media by using hashtag #WellnessAtoZDay.