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Wellness AtoZ Day

Wellness AtoZ Day, recognized by the State of Arizona and Governor Doug Ducey, is a day to acknowledge the positive health and wellness opportunities that Arizona offers. Wellness AtoZ Day celebrates the anniversary of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s wellness initiative launched in 2017 to make Arizona known as a destination for healthy living. On this day, May 15th, we celebrate physical activity and healthy lifestyles. We encourage everyone to get their hearts pumping and practice wellness with our Wellness AtoZ activity wheel.

It also signifies the completion of the spring activity challenge, the Wellness Wonders of Arizona. The Wellness Wonders of Arizona Spring Challenge is a fun way to get our community excited and engaged for Wellness AtoZ Day while creating awareness around simple ways to practice health and wellness through our activity wheel.


How can you participate in Wellness AtoZ Day?

  1. Participate in the Spring Wellness Wonders of Arizona by filling out the participation form to let us know which activities you’ll be doing individually or with your family this Spring.
  2. Register for Wellness AtoZ Day at Encanto Park on May 15th.
  3. Tag @GoWellnessAtoZ in your social media posts for the Spring Wellness Wonders of Arizona and Wellness AtoZ Day using the hashtag #WellnessAtoZDay2022
  4. Have fun celebrating health and wellness!




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