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Wellness AtoZ Day

Wellness AtoZ Day is a day to acknowledge the positive health and wellness opportunities that Arizona has to offer. Wellness AtoZ Day celebrates the anniversary of the Wellness AtoZ initiative launched in 2017. The Governor of Arizona proclaimed May 16, 2021 Wellness AtoZ in the state of Arizona.

On this day, May 16, we celebrate physical activity and healthy lifestyles. We encourage everyone to get their hearts pumping and practicing wellness with our Wellness AtoZ activity wheel.

Join us for the annual Wellness AtoZ Day celebration this year on the third Sunday in May!

We encourage everyone to practice health and wellness virtually by participating in one or more activities with our partner organizations to promote health and wellness. Check out the activities below that we did virtually on Wellness AtoZ Day!

How can you participate in Wellness AtoZ Day?

  1. Fill out the Wellness AtoZ Activity Participation form to let us know which activities you’ll be doing individually or with your family to celebrate Wellness AtoZ Day.
  2. Tag @GoWellnessAtoZ in your social media posts on Wellness AtoZ Day using the hashtag #WellnessAtoZDay2021
  3. Have fun celebrating health and wellness!

Hydration Challenge – Drinking water is essential to our health and wellness! Stay hydrated by drinking at least 32 oz of water or half of the number of oz of your body weight.

Fuel with a healthy meal – Get creative and bring your family together to try a new healthy recipe for a meal or a snack! Don’t forget to take a picture of your new meal and tag us @GoWellnessAtoZ.

Take the Healthy AZ Pledge – Help keep our community safe and slow the spread of COVID-19 by taking the #HealthyAZPledge at

Explore Arizona Outdoors – Take a stroll, hike, or bike ride outdoors while practicing social distancing. The weather is perfect to explore some of Arizona’s natural wonders such as hiking trails, canals, parks, and mountains.

Practice Mindfulness Moments – Mindfulness is important for our overall wellbeing. Find a few minutes throughout your day to practice by reading a book, journaling or meditating.




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