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Elevating Your

Students' Future

Employers are eager to support you and all the great work you do to benefit students at the Academies at South Mountain as they move through their academy pathways. Representing industry, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (Foundation) is looking to provide you and your students with career exploration, career development, and increased opportunities for work-based learning.


This spring, the Foundation will be selecting a small group of students and pathway teachers to pilot summer experiences with industry. We will then take the results and, with input from you and your students, develop a larger, more comprehensive strategy that includes all students and core subject teachers during the 2020-2021 school year. Beginning next school year, the Foundation will support you and your students by matching industry experts to classrooms, increasing student exposure to career pathways, and creating opportunities for students to apply their classroom learning through work-based learning.

Businesses may enhance your courses by offering:

Guest Speakers

Guest Instructors

Teacher Externships

Curriculum Development

Job Shadowing

Field Trips

Advisory Boards



Get Involved Today!

If you are a pathway teacher interested in an externship with industry and/ or providing valuable input to influence how business engages with the Academies at South Mountain, we have a seat for you at the table.

Contact College and Career Coach, Kaycie Quinonez, at for
more information.