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Want to know what it takes to attract young professionals to compliance and risk management positions?

A panel featuring young compliance & risk management professionals from a diverse selection of companies including Lockton Companies, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and JPMorgan Chase shares what drew them to these careers, the traits that make them successful, what they value about their jobs and where they see their careers heading.

“Our industry does a horrible job of marketing itself – If I read our job descriptions, I wouldn’t apply either. Leaders of our industry have been taking different paths up the same mountain with limited success. Rather than our narrowly focusing on our own individual recruiting efforts, imagine the excitement and energy we can create when all of us work together to attract new talent! The old paradigm is about to shift.” – Kevin Cummings, executive vice president at Lockton Companies and Compliance & Risk Management Workforce Collaborative co-chair.

Professionals who work in both compliance and risk management positions and companies who are looking to hire for the positions now say people who possess critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, social awareness and creativity typically succeed in these professions.

Traits for Success

Compliance: Traits, abilities, work styles and values of successful professionals.

Risk Management: Traits, abilities, work styles and values of successful professionals.

Employer Resources

Arizona Insurance Institute (AII) brings a unified voice to address industry challenges and support the growth and vitality of Arizona’s insurance and financial services industry. Member companies collaborate with state regulators and lawmakers to create a business-friendly climate. Companies and individuals from all facets of the industry are encouraged to partner with AII to continue to build a strong and stable industry while providing an economic engine for the future growth of Arizona.

Arizona Ethics and Compliance Council
(AECC) brings together local professionals including corporate counsel, chief compliance officers, and people with corporate or regulatory compliance responsibilities to discuss and share best practices and lessons learned. AECC meets quarterly throughout Phoenix to discuss timely regulatory, compliance and ethics issues. Guest speakers occasionally provide topic-related unique, specific experiences. All companies and public, private and not-for-profit organizations are welcome.

  • Contact James Rough (623) 850-8055 to learn more.

Compliance & Risk Management Workforce Collaborative

Consists of compliance and risk management professionals and education providers working together to enhance the talent pipeline. The team has identified key entry points into the profession, those just entering the workforce at the junior or associate level and industry professionals who are transitioning from practice into compliance.

“Compliance and Risk Management jobs are some of the most important roles an organization has to fill and yet this fact goes largely unknown outside of the industry, because we have not done the job of raising visibility and awareness. Changing that is the goal of the Compliance & Risk Management Workforce Collaborative.” – Russ Johnson, CEO of Merchants Information Solutions and Compliance & Risk Management Workforce Collaborative co-chair.

Ready to learn more about the collaborative? Kevin Cummings of Lockton Companies shares the Compliance & Risk Management Workforce Collaborative’s action plan and offers ways to get involved.

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 is an initiative of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s Compliance & Risk Management Workforce Collaborative.
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