Reimagining Today’s Workforce Series

Join the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation for the new Reimagining Today’s Workforce Webinar Series. In an ever-changing workforce landscape, this series will connect employers and community leaders with tools and best practices to support their talent development strategies, provide current workforce trends, highlight partnerships with education providers, and more.

Reimagining Today’s Workforce Series presents The Current and Future State of Arizona’s Workforce

Arizona’s workforce has fluctuated significantly over the past few months with unemployment decreasing from 10.7% in July down to 5.9% in August. The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s Annual Workforce Study will provide insight into the most negatively impacted careers, along with those that are experiencing significant growth.

Join us on December 10th as Trevor Stokes, Chief Executive Officer with the Partnership for Workforce Innovation, discusses comprehensive labor market data, the impact of COVID-19, and the future of Arizona’s workforce.

Trevor Stokes, CEO, Partnership for Workforce Innovation
Jennifer Mellor, Chief Innovation Officer, Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation
Todd Sanders, President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation

Register to attend to learn about real-life examples of new, innovative development models, deployment of effective partnerships, and reimagine opportunities for your workforce to grow your business.

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