Elevate the Future

of Arizona

ElevateEdAZ prepares individuals for college and career through stronger alignment between education, business, and the community.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (Foundation) is matching businesses to schools in order to develop the future workforce at the opportune time of adolescence. The Foundation is piloting a new initiative to invite companies to more closely engage with high schools by:

It’s time to Elevate Education in Arizona!

In the current landscape of Arizona’s labor market, 68%[i] of jobs require some level of education beyond a high school diploma; yet, only 44%[ii] of Arizona’s residents receive a post-secondary education. With ElevateEdAZ, employers have the opportunity to provide time and resources to help high school students become career and college ready, allowing Arizona’s growing labor demand to benefit from a qualified workforce.

Together we will Elevate Education in Arizona through Work-Based Learning

ElevateEdAZ transforms education through three mutually reinforcing pillars:

  1. Teaching and learning by providing students with meaningful learning that give them the technical knowledge and skills to be successful in college, careers, and life
  2. The school experience by providing career development, integrating related pathways, and providing practical application through work-based learning
  3. Business and civic engagement by building stronger employer and civic engagement in career connected learning

Through Work-Based Learning (WBL) business can influence a generation of students, helping them to not only graduate high school but graduate on a path toward a high-wage career or high-quality degree program.

Work-Based Learning opportunities include:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Loaned Classroom Instructor
  • Career Exploration Fair
  • Career Mentors
  • Teacher Externships
  • Provide Learning Supplies
  • Curriculum Development
  • Job Shadowing
  • Field Trips
  • Mock Interviews
  • Academy Advisory Board
  • Student Internships
  • Industry Certification Exam Tutors


ElevateEdAZ recently hosted a Health and Science College and Career Webinar showcasing the opportunities available within the fields of nursing, biotechnology, and pharmacy.

Academies at South Mountain Pilot

The Foundation has partnered with the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) in order to pilot business connectivity. PXU recently transformed one of their larger comprehensive campuses, South Mountain High School, into an Academy school, offering four industry-based schools within the larger campus.

Designed after the Academies of Nashville, this innovative learning environment breaks down large scale high schools into smaller, more intimate academies focused on various career pathways, operating as “schools within a school.” The key differentiator in an academy model is that business and industry drive learning outcomes by providing the tools and experiences necessary for real-world application.

Information for Businesses

Information for Parents and Guardians

Information for Students

Information for Teachers


Please contact an Education Partnership Manager if you would like to learn more:

[i] College Success Arizona: Doubling Arizona’s Economic Growth 2018
[ii] College Success Arizona: Understanding College Credentials 2018