What is Wellness AtoZ?

Wellness AtoZ desires to make Arizona and the Greater Phoenix region known as a destination for healthy talent and a healthy community. It offers free solutions for all businesses, complementing existing programs or offering tools to build your own. Wellness AtoZ is brought to you by the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation. Learn more about Wellness AtoZ.  

What are the Wellness Wonders of AZ?

The Wellness Wonders of AZ brings together fun and healthy activities that you can do with your family, colleagues, groups, clubs or simply enjoy some 'me time'. There are seven Wellness Wonder activities showcasing the unique features of our state including 1) Mountains and Parks 2) Canals & Green Spaces 3) Farmers Markets & Gardens 4) Spring Training 5) Water in the Desert 6) Arizona Sunshine 7) Wellness AtoZ Day. Learn more about Wellness Wonders of AZ

Who is hosting this event?

The Wellness Wonders of AZ is a program of Wellness AtoZ brought to you by The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation. Learn more about Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation

How do I register?

Sign up here.  It's Free!

How do I complete the Wellness Wonder activities?

You must sign up to participate. Sign up here.  After you sign up and complete your activity, log in here and check each Wellness Wonder activity you complete. That's it!

Are there specific rules for each Wellness Wonder activity?

The rules are very simple and specific to each wonder. Check out the requirements for Wellness Wonder activities here.

What do I do when I've completed all seven Wellness Wonder activities?

As long as all of the Wellness Wonder Activities are checked off in your Wellness Wonder Activity Tracker, there is nothing else you need to do. Sit back and see if you win prizes!

Do I have to complete all seven Wellness Wonder activities?

No. You can participate in as few or as many Wellness Wonder activities as you want. Remember, the more Wellness Wonder activities you complete, the more great prizes you may win!

What do I get for participating?

Several great prizes are available for participating. The more activities you complete, the more chances to WIN! See prizes now.

If I win a prize how do I get it?

After May 29, participants will be randomly selected based on the number of activities completed. You will be contacted by email or text to collect your prizes if you win.

If I have questions about a Wellness Wonder activity, who do I contact?

Send us an email at info@wellnessatoz.org and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

How much does it cost to participate?

It's FREE! Just get out, be active and enjoy Arizona's Wellness Wonders.

If my family is participating, do I need to register each person separately?

Yes. In order to track your activities and be entered into the prize raffle, each person must sign up separately.